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Date 20-07-08 12:17
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We are back with our 4th How to use – Cellnoc series.

This time we will be learning how to gently exfoliate the skin without irritating it.

As you know, the term exfoliating means to remove the dead skin cells that remains in the skin.

Because the dead skin cells can clog pores and create sebum and acne, it is important to regularly exfoliate and maintain clean skin.


First, it is important to realize that there are many products out there that pretend to help exfoliate the skin

but what it really ends up doing is irritate the skin and create troublesome conditions.

You should stop using products that contain harsh materials such as granules of seeds, acidic substances or alcohol.

All of these can seem to exfoliate and brighten your skin at first but with its regular usage your skin will eventually get irritated and damaged.


Let’s go back to the foundation of exfoliation.

The skin regenerates its surface and its cycle takes about 28 days to turnover.

Basically every month, your skin produces a new layer of skin.

The old layer of skin deteriorates and falls off naturally but always leaves part of it on the surface of skin

which you need to remove through gentle exfoliations.


When dead skin is left without exfoliating, your skin may look dull and sometimes can clog your pores causing other problems.

Cellnoc can be used as a gentle exfoliant for your skin. When exfoliating,

it is important to remember that instead of the idea of removing all dead skin through harsh cleansing,

it is more about preventing dead skin cells from staying attached through deep moisture exfoliation. .


Cellnoc Phytocean Lifting Cream has a velvety cream texture that is perfect for massaging and layering.


After Cleansing at night time, squeeze a generous amount of Cellnoc Phytocean Lifting Cream and apply it on main areas of concern.

The cream will naturally moisturize and care the dead skin cells penetrating the area with nutrients to brighten and soften your skin!


It is recommended to deeply exfoliate in a gentle and safe way with Cellnoc Phytocean Lifting Cream once or twice a week for better results.

Bring the best out of your skin!

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