Title Cellnoc useful tips ③ Massage with Cellnoc
Date 20-06-22 16:19
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Cellnoc is back with another tip to maintain your youth for a longer time!
It is important to take care of your skin as you age and learn about skin before you take action.

Cellnoc phytocean lifting cream was developed for your skin to recover its firmness and maintain a youthful look through massages.


In the last episode of How to use – Cellnoc, we learned that aging does not only happen in the facial area.

It is important to have this fact in mind when talking about anti-aging.

In this episode we will learn how to maintain and increase elasticity in the breast area
which is one of the main aging concerns of women in their 40’s and above.


You might have heard of breast massage already. Some of the benefits can be medical as well as aesthetic.

Breast massage may aid in making sure toxins in your lymphatic system are exiting the body.
It can also help ease chest, shoulder, and back pain.

Now you can learn how to use Cellnoc during breast massage as a way to minimize stretch marks and reduce breast sagging.


Using a quarter coin size of Cellnoc Phytocean Lifting Cream is enough but for an enhanced lifting effect,
add a drop of Cellnoc’s ampoule into the cream and mix it.


First, gently spread the cream all around the breasts and start massaging in a clockwise motion.
After a few rounds, do the same counterclockwise.

In a lifting motion towards the neck, gently pull upwards and repeat this a couple of times on both breasts.


Practice this 3 minute breast massage after your daily skincare routine every day for a firmer breast line without any sogginess.

Achieve the best results with Cellnoc Phytocean Lifting Cream.