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Date 20-06-11 11:25
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When you're in your mid-to-30s, your aging watch starts to feel much faster.

Will only my face skin age?

If you have had this concern, please pay attention to the tips below!


No one can stop the aging clock.

But we can slow down the aging process practicing Cellnoc phytocean Lifting Cream Massage,

remembering that we can actually slow it down with steady and smart care.



Frustrated already with the wrinkles and dullness on your face,

but when you look into the mirror at one point you start seeing wrinkles in your neck and body...


The muscles of the body are connected to each other.

If you take care of your face only and leave your body away from the daily care that it needs,

the anti-aging effect may be somewhat reduced.


It is important to take care of your upper body to maintain the facial skin's elasticity.



How about a decollete massage every night from today?




Step 1. Squeeze a sufficient amount and roll gently to avoid irritation to the skin.

(The amount of use varies depending on the application range and duration of application)



Step 2. Massage the clavicle line going upwards through the neck in a lifting movement with the feeling of counteracting gravity.




Step 3. If the cream gets absorbed, finish it with a light patting.

If you practice this decollete massage every day,

you will be able to slow down your skin's aging process.



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