Title Cellnoc useful tips ①Ampoule mask
Date 20-06-10 10:45
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We use skincare products at least twice daily

a product that suits your purpose,

products that fits your skin type,

Or products with certain ingredients.

Let's talk about useful tips on how to use my daily cosmetics more effectively and smartly.

Do you know the meaning of CELLNOC?

Cell + Knock  Cellnoc
It contains the meaning of knocking on cells to complete beautiful skin.

It is not an artificial or temporary effect on the skin, but it builds the skin’s fundamental health by delivering core components.
Let's find out the useful tips on how to use Cellnoc’s main product, the ampoule!


People in modern society are particularly susceptible to the environment, which can harm the skin’s structure.
Skin is very vulnerable to harmful environments such as excessive stress, fatigue, and environmental pollution.
In particular, on a tired day, you can use the Cellnoc Phytocean Lifting Ampoule as an extra special skincare.

Step 1. Careful skin cleansing is the most basic must do for a healthy skin!

Step 2. Apply 3~4 drops of lifting ampoule to the entire face.  

Feel the nutritional moisturizing layer created by the ampoule with a firm texture.


Step 3. Put a mask sheet on top of the ampoule layer to absorb nutrients intensively.
Soothing, whitening,intensive moisturizing & lifting is possible with any kind of mask pack.

Step 4. They say sleep is medicine! If you go to bed earlier than usual, you're done!

Lastly, you have to remember that too much nutrition on your skin or leaving the mask pack unattended for a long time can damage your skin.

Use an appropriate amount of product and keep the set time (15-20 minutes)